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Aloe vera As Juice: Skin Care and hair Care at home

In today’s time, everyone is stuck in his/her life whether it is a job, study or both so it is hard to get time for oneself. The lifestyle has changed over the period and the thing that suffers the most is our health. Our skin and hair speak for themselves as health has a direct impact on them but who has time to do extra care for it and the money to invest.

For this, one needs some quick and simple remedy that works fast and effectively. Here I am going to share with you one simple remedy that works fast and inexpensive as well. The remedy is nothing but Aloe Vera. Now you must be thinking about what is new in this, then wait, nothing is new but the application I am going to show you is quite simple. Aloe Vera is not new to anyone and most people had used that too but as far as I know, they could not continue due to lack of time or time-consuming process. Therefore, one should keep things simple and easy so that it can be sustained for a longer period of time.

Here I am going to show you three simple steps that will optimum utilize the time but for that, we need Aloe Vera juice.

How to make Aloe Vera juice?

For that, we need one or two Aloe Vera leaf as per our requirement and wait for 1 minute before washing it out as yield yellow gel that causes allergy. Wash the leaf along with the yellow gel and cut the edges with the help of a knife. Now cut it into two parts and extract the gel with the help of a spoon. Grind the gel into a mixer grinder and the Aloe Vera juice is ready.

Three steps of using the Aloe Vera to boost your health and beauty are as follows:

1. For overall health: Drink one-fourth cup of Aloe Vera juice every day as it is high in nutrients and contains vitamins and minerals like vitamins B, C, E, and folic acid. It improves the digestion system, helps in constipation and keeps you hydrated throughout the day. If you run out of time every morning, then make juice in the evening or at night and freeze it into the ice tray. Use the Aloe Vera ice cubes every morning in smoothie, juice, ice tea or add to simply plain water and consume.

Caution: Those who are suffering from high blood pressure should not directly use Aloe Vera juice but mix it with plain water and should first consult with Doctor as well.

2. For skin: Every morning apply a small amount of Aloe Vera juice to face and massage for a minute then leave it for five minutes and wash with plain water. Meanwhile, you can prepare your breakfast, make up your mind on what to wear, read a newspaper or do whatever the time asks for. This hydrates the skin and keeps that moisturize throughout the day. It also helps in eradicating the problem of pimple and acne along with the irritation caused by the later. This brings the natural glow on the face and long lost brightness. The best thing is that it improves the texture of skin it does not make skin oily and dry but helps in balancing the moisture and natural oil of skin making it normal.

Caution: I have seen people with dry skin have irritation with Aloe Vera. If you have the same then try to use the gel with honey and plain water as the anti-inflammatory component of honey reduces the irritation and allergy.

 3. For hair: You can use it as a hair pack or conditioner. As a conditioner, wash your hair with shampoo of your choice and then apply the Aloe Vera juice to the lengths of your hair. After 20 minutes to 2 hours, wash with plain water. It will leave your hair soft, shiny, smooth, silky and manageable.

As a hair pack, apply Aloe Vera juice from scalp to ends of your hair and leave for 20 minutes to 2 hours as per the availability of time. Aloe Vera fights with the fungus of scalp and infection. It also helps in removing dandruff and makes hair straight, silky, smooth and soft. Meanwhile, you can do other pieces of stuff like planning your day, making breakfast or just

Therefore, these are the simplest form, use it every day to see effective results. This is the cheapest source available and increases the beauty of your garden. The best place is either your kitchen or area near the bathroom. I love this plant, as it does not require any special care. So enjoy I am taking care of my health, skin, and face, ultimately my life with minimum pamper, Are you?

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