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Best hair oil to strengthen hair and faster hair growth

Are you facing problem of hair-fall?? Did your hair stop growing?? Have you ended up trying everything but coming up with nothing??

Then do not worry. Here I have a special remedy for you.. Do not worry, it is not a typical hair pack but hair oil which works on strengthening your hair, stimulate hair growth and makes hair soft and shiny without any false hope. But before I share the best hair oil to strengthen hair and faster hair growth, you need to keep in mind following things:

  1. Do not obsessed over small hair problems: I think everyone thinks that their hair condition is not worst even worst. For those who have short hair dream of the long one, who have curly or wavy dream of straight one and vice versa. Ultimately people are not satisfied whatever they are blessed with. In the process they start using many products and homemade packs that end up with damaging the hair even more. The hair you are with are the crown on your head so whatever your hair type is just embrace it and enjoy and take care of it.
  2. Keep patience to see effective result: whatever you are trying on your hair or skin, just follow the routine and wait for the result. There are many cases where people make their hair condition worst just because they wanted quick result. Do not get emotional over using many remedies that falsely claim to give results overnight as most of them are not. Just maintain the consistency over your routine and let them work on their own.
  3. Be realistic: nothing in this world can make your hair longer overnight. It is possible to stop hair fall overnight as there are few oils which work miracle but none can make your hair strengthen and longer in a night. So be realistic, do not keep false hope.
  4. Do not complex hair-care routine: The hair care routine should be easy as the complex hair routine, the harder to follow for a long time. So the hair care routine should be like that you can follow on even your busy days. Do not use many products frequently. Keep things simple.

Now it is the time to prepare the hair oil to strengthen hair and faster hair growth. So for this, you will need following oils:

  1. Coconut oil: To nourish the roots and ends and it works as a strong base for other oils.
  2. Castor oil: To provide strengthen and fasten hair growth.
  3. Olive oil: To make hair soft, lustrous and voluminous.
  4. Lavender essential oil: To make hair longer, shinier and healthier
  5. Rosemary essential oil: To strengthen the hair
  6. Tea tree essential oil: To balance the oil on scalp and removes dandruff
  7. Vitamin E capsule: To healthy scalp and replenish shine

 Before preparation you need to know the brand of the product does not guarantee the quality. If the oil is 100% pure then do not go with the brand and expend too much on the products. Sometimes local brands give the better results. So if you are going to buy the oils, then just select wisely and do not waste money unnecessarily on brands.

How to prepare: for hair with waist length take a bowl and mix the oil in a ratio

2 tps coconut oil

1 tps castor oil

1 tps olive oil

2 drops of each essential oil

1 vitamin E capsule

Now warm the oil mix with the help of double boiler.

How to apply: Every time the oil application should be in three steps-

  1. Combing hair lower the chances of hair tangles
  2. Application the oil on scalp first and Massage properly then apply on length
  3. Make a bun or braid and leave the oil overnight to see the magic

Now you are done and let the oil do the work and follow the process once or twice a week as per your convenience. It takes two to three months for the tremendous result so maintain the consistency and enjoy the long lustrous hair.

Have a beautiful hair journey!!!!!

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