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Did you know your face resembles 3 actresses who have the most uniquely defined facial structure? Find out now

We all mesmerized by the beauty of actresses and wonder how they got that toned face. Even I always wonder about how Shilpa Shetty looks 24 at the age of 44. It feels like her skin has stopped aging and there are many celebs that have the prettiest face. Did you ever imagine that you may also have a face like actresses? No, then this is going to change your perception of your facial structure. Here we are not discussing the face shape, come’ on we all know that. We are discussing the facial bone structure we have. The facial bone structures are the key that never changes but somehow due to fat or slimmer face we look identical.

Here I am discussing three unique face structures, generally, people have. I want to let you know that you may also have that toned face with the face exercise and can stop your face from aging but before that, you must know from which of the three actresses your face resembles.

First, all you need is to know your face structure or I can say bone structure. Stand before the mirror and then pull all your hair back and look straight with calm expression then analyze. Secondly, make a fish mouth. Those who do not know how to make it then make a pout and then suck your cheeks along with lips as much as you can and analyze first your face structure and then your bone structure. For analyzing appropriately, you can take inspiration from three actresses who I think have uniquely defined facial structures.

1st Angelina Jolie: she has a well-structured skeleton face and gives a sexy face. She has a sharp jawline and sharp plus high cheekbones (I said cheek-‘bones’ not heavy cheek area). If you got the same then congratulation, you have got the sexiest facial feature in the town. All you need is to just define your face and none will be stop himself/herself to take the eyes from you.

2nd Kareena Kapoor: she has got the chisel cheeks and toned beneath the area. This facial feature looks more gorgeous and can fall any man for you and make other girls/women jealous of you, as most of the girls long for this facial feature. If you have high cheekbones or heavy cheek area then this can make you best to target.

3rd Katrina kaif: she has got the flat face with a smooth jawline with plump skin. Apart from Katrina, there is Anushka Sharma, Tara Sutaria among others who have got the same features. They have the cutest, most adorable faces with a sprinkle of sexiness and hard to ignore and I think no one is there who has the desire to touch or pull those cheeks, even I have. So if you have flat yet smooth facial bone structures then you have got the beautiful yet adorable yet sexy face.

Analyze your facial structure and pan down the name of the actress whom your face structure resembles in the comment box below.

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