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Did you know this habit of shampooing removes dandruff forever?

Are you suffering from dandruff? Have you given up after trying everything to get rid of dandruff??
If yes then I am going to share you a panacea for getting rid of dandruff that will be completely taken you aback. Do you know your habit of shampooing can remove dandruff irrespective of brand and type of shampoo? Yes, you can remove dandruff forever with one simple thing of changing the habit of washing your hair.
You do not need to use anti-dandruff shampoo or any DIY remedy as I have used many but nothing worked. Earlier I was suffering from severe dandruff problems and have used a few anti-dandruff shampoos with some home remedies. When nothing worked then I started looking after the cause of dandruff.
The cause of dandruff:
Basically causes of dandruff are misbalance of oil on scalp (generally we called that oily scalp when the excess of natural oil and dry scalp when scanty of natural oil), fungus or sensitivity to some products.
The solution to remove dandruff:
In any of the situations, you need two products one is oil and the second is the shampoo that suits you better. Do not go after the brand or type. Apply warm oil to your scalp that follows length and ends a night before doing shampooing your hair. Now follow the simple steps that are given below.
How it works:
When you start working on and caring for your scalp, then the problem of misbalance of oil and fungus begins curing. Of course, it is not going to work with a single wash but will give a result with time. But I can assure you that you will see the difference with the first wash. The only thing you need to give attention to is to maintain consistency. Be consistent with the frequency of washing your hair, dandruff will automatically leave your scalp.
The steps to follow while washing your hair are as follows:
Step 1
: wet your hair thoroughly
Step 2: take a small amount of shampoo (use shampoo in small parts irrespective of the quantity you use) in a cup or bowl and mix well with water. One instruction for everyone: there is always a debate over how much shampoo should be used. First thing you need to understand, shampoo is to clean your scalp, remove oil and dirt and according to me, everyone has a unique set of hair length, hair and scalp type and that decides the quantity of shampoo. If you have oiled your hair, oily scalp, curly hair, did not wash your hair for so long then definitely you will require shampoo in a little bit large amount.
Step 3: Apply the mixture on all over your scalp and massage your scalp properly. Keep one thing in mind, massaging the scalp is important instead of washing the hair. No part should be untouched. If you do not massage, dandruff will never go. (The common mistake people do is they do not do proper care to their scalp as much it requires. Their ultimate focus is on the length and ends but the roots decide the health of overall hair especially when you are suffering from dandruff problem.)
Step 4: wash with plain water.
Step 5: repeat if required. This process will hardly take your 10 minutes.
The frequency of doing shampoo:
First, you need to concentrate on appearing dandruff on your scalp. For example, in my case dandruff starts appearing from day 3. So I have to shampoo from every fourth day of washing my hair. It can be days 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 for you but do not make a gap of more than 4 days.
Go after the instructions mentioned above and dandruff will leave your scalp for forever. You can think about other things and save your hard-earned money and precious time. 

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