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How to make spotless, soft and glowy skin naturally at home

There are various problems related to skin that we are facing but we make it worse by using many chemical-based products but now I came up with a simple remedy that is a solution of every skin problem of each skin type.

People are using these basic ingredients from ancient times that make a perfect face pack together that helps the skin to remove dark spots, dullness and bring a glowing skin naturally. So stop using a chemical that damage your skin and use the natural homemade face-pack/exfoliate that makes skin light, bright and glowing. The ingredients that I have used in making this face pack are:

Gram Flour/Besan: It fights with infections that cause acne. Also, remove breakouts, sunburn, tanning, oiliness. It also helps in removing facial hair.

Turmeric/haldi: The anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory components brighten up the skin and it helps in lightening acne scars and moles.

Honey: it moisturizes skin, cleans pores, and lightens the scars. It also helps in sunburn, suntan, acne and brings a natural glow by hydrating skin. Remove wrinkles and fine lines and makes skin young and radiant.

Curd/Dahi: It is beneficial in pimple and acne and removes irritation caused by it. It removes dark spots, suntan, tightens the pores and moisturizes the skin.

Rosewater: It maintains the PH level of the skin and controls excess oil. The anti-inflammatory properties remove redness and help in treating acne. It also cleans oil and dirt from pores, moisturizes, and hydrates the skin that gives skin a fresh look. The best thing about rosewater is it strengthens skin cells and regenerate skin tissues.

Simply mix all the ingredients and make a fine paste. Apply evenly on your skin and wash out after it dries out and your skin will feel different, soft, supple and shiny from first use.

Use this natural homemade remedy once in a week. This will lighten your acne scars, dark patches on the skin and dead skin and brings out bright skin from within.

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