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If you are here then you probably do not know me or might be want to know more about me. So instead of being introduced with fancy lines, I am just making things simple. I dwell in Indore. Basically I am a student and studying in finance but right now you may see nothing about the subject in the whole blog. I do write about lifestyle, fashion, makeover, DIYs, skin care, hair care, health and many more to ease life. I believe in healthy lifestyle. I do love to experiment with new things, so I write on the basis of my experience over the respective subject. In the world of social media, everyone is fascinated by the charm of beautification. Nothing is wrong but nothing is right either. People are showing the side to the world which barely belongs to them. People are not comfortable in their own skin thus they paint everything with the fake color of filters. With this platform, I am just trying to make things more practical and more realistic with a spice of glamour, elegance, rawness and these all are a part of me, a part of you and a part of everyone.


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