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Why Write For us ? is all about creating a community of individuals who wants to support one another and help one another with beauty, hair care, and skincare or makeup advice.

So you can write for us because , We believe that together is best. By sharing with the community, we will grow collective and become better together!

Do you have skincare, hair care; beauty or makeup tips that you simply think could really benefit or help others who try to realize their skincare, haircare or beauty goals? If so, we call you to share and submit your tips with the community!

What We Are trying to find

1) Your hair, skincare, beauty, makeup or fashion tips that you simply want to share with others.

Provide details for every tip. Answer these questions:

– How do your tips help others?

– Who would enjoy this tip? E.g. someone with dry skin

– The other details the reader should know?


2) Your Beauty Tutorial– a beauty tutorial you would like to share? Share with us by

– Provide clear and Stepwise details for your beauty tutorial

– Provide a related top quality image*

– Provide the products that you simply used (No Affiliate links are allowed)

Submission Requirements

1) Your article must be unique and written in your own style and words. It should be plagiarism free and original.

2) Your article shouldn’t push a product or service together with your submission. the aim of your submission is to share knowledge and not for commercial benefit.

3) Don’t include outbound links together with your submission

4) Include together with your submission:

a) Your Name

b) Website link (with a brief description)

c) All Social Media Handles.

5) Must be a minimum of 600 words long.

Benefits to You

1) Add a supplementary advantage to your website, professional or social media profiles

2) Establish as a resource within the skincare, haircare, and beauty and makeup community.

3) Your submission is going to be shared with all of our social media followers!

Examples of Good Guest Posts

The goal of is to supply the simplest, latest and relevant beauty/skincare/makeup tips and advice for our growing audience. Therefore, we use high standards to make sure that the knowledge on our site is of the very best quality.

Here are some examples to assist you to understand the standard of guest posts we accept:

1. The way to remove blackheads naturally at home– Why it’s good: The post focuses on providing real value to visitors with specific recommendations on removing the precise problem that’s blackheads. The article is extremely concise and to the purpose with none fluffy language that adds no value but just increases the word count. Guest posts without specific valuable information for readers won’t be accepted.

2. Did you recognize this habit of shampooing removes dandruff – Why it’s good: The post provides good and specific information from the causes to a solution to an entire method. The author also included relevant information within the article to feature more value to readers.


1) reserves the proper to simply accept or refuse submissions.

2) Approved submissions could also be edited for spelling and grammar mistakes.

3) remains the right of all submitted content. Submitted content can’t be re-published elsewhere on the web. Any plagiarized submissions are going to be far away from our website all of sudden.

If you’ll adhere to those guidelines, then we are able to accept your submission! Email your submission to:

Send [at]

We will review your submission and obtain back to you within 1 or 2 business days. We don’t offer monetary compensations for submissions at this point.

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